IT Security Keep Hackers Out Protecting your company data against hackers & malware
AWEcloud IT Automation Cloud Service Automated management of your IT Security & Infrastructure
IT Setup Simple & Affordable Firewall | Servers | Laptops & PCs | Video Surveillance | IP Telephony
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AWECreation is the leading provider of Managed IT Security and Infrastructure solutions , delivering Best-in-class services and technology consulting from small to huge enterprises.

We have supported and worked with clients from SMEs to corporations across a wide range of industries from the government, construction, financial institutions, telecommunications and even the healthcare sector.

We provide 3 core services for our clients among other managed IT services.

An innovative Cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product that fully automates the IT management of your IT infrastructure, equipments and devices


 AWE IT Security 
Protects companies against unauthorized access of company data from hackers & known malwares.


 AWE Systems Integration
Our expertise allow us to design and build your dream IT infrastructure according to your IT needs.

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