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Hardware / Servers / Laptops / PCs Procurement

At AWECreations, we work with preferred, top-tier suppliers of hardware and software from many leading IT companies in the world.

We utilize our superior buying power to ensure you get the right hardware and software solutions at the right price.

Whether you are in the market for servers, storage, laptops, or networking infrastructure, AWECreations has the sales and technical team to support your business needs—all while helping you reduce costs, increase productivity, and mitigate risk.

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Video Surveillance

AWECreations offers a suite of video surveillance to suit your needs.

The importance of video surveillance should not be underestimated.
Let’s take a look at some of the important reasons and benefits below.

  • Protect your company, employee and visiting customers
  • Monitor productivity
  • Crime deterrent
  • Always stay informed no matter you are

Discuss with us here on how video surveillance can help protect your business today!


IP Telephony

Increase savings with IP Telephony solutions that are modular add-ons to your IT infrastructure which can be easily set-up.

With IP Telephony, you enjoy crystal clear call quality and also enjoy the benefit of making overseas call without added-fees.


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